Down to Earth Authentic Cuisine at Batik Restaurant Bar


BATIK Restaurant and Bar elevates seemingly simple comfort food into much-loved

restaurant with a fairy price.

Inspired by Indonesian, Thailand, and Vietnamese traditional cooking, BATIK Restaurant Bar brings the best of South East

Asian kitchen with a modern touch. With an extensive menu that covers all South East Asian staples, BATIK Restaurant Bar

offers a down to earth authentic cuisine that are truly prepared from the way the menu is formulated to the way they are

presented. Their extensive menu options from Asian bites to Asian sandwiches, soup, braises, stir-fry and sweets will left

you coming back after the first visit.

Get ready to discover the exotic taste of Batik’s chosen food, start your dining experience with choices of Asian

appetizers, from Vietnamese specialties such Bo La Lot and Nem Nuong, to Indonesian like Tahu Isi Tofu and Lumpia.

Moving to main courses, do not miss Indonesian comfort food such as Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng, they are told to be the

best to have in Seminyak. More menu added to the list such as Rendang, Thai Curries, Phad Thai, and Salmon Teriyaki.